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Celebrate Bowling For Soup’s remarkable 29-year journey as a band!
We are absolutely thrilled to announce the release of our highly anticipated second Greatest Hits album, titled “Songs People Actually Liked Volume 2”

BFSGreatestVol2Cover (1).jpg

1.   1985 (click to listen now!) 
2.   High School Never Ends
3.   Almost
4.   When We Die
5.   Ohio (Come Back To Texas)
6.   No Hablo Inglés
7.   Friends O’ Mine
8.   My Hometown
9.   My Wena
10.  BFFF
11.  I’m Gay
12.  Tucker Hat
13.  Two-Seater

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To make this album truly special, we invite you to pre-save or pre-order your copy today. By doing so, you will receive immediate access to the re-recorded version of 1985 and play a pivotal role in shaping our future as an independent label.

Album out NOW!

These re-recordings hold immense significance for us, as they signify our dedication to delivering the best music experience to our fans. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary collection of songs that may well be the greatest compilation we’ve ever created. Join us on this exciting musical journey by pre-saving or pre-ordering now, and let’s chart our path forward together!

Having a “Greatest Hits” is one of things you sort of dream about as a kid, but deep down, it’s more if a fantasy really. Now here we are realizing our second and we have nearly made it to half way through our career.
I was nervous about these songs. Sonically, on the originals, they were already “there.” But I think like everything in our band, the years add something to the luster, and it certainly happened here!
The songs are still intact with their original selves. But I think you will feel a different energy. In a good way.

Order your copy today!

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